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Bilingual Medical Writer in Japan

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  • Mary Nishikawa is founder of her business Lexaly Communications, your ally in following the rules of language, as the name suggests: LEX = "rule", ALY = "ally".

  • The localization consultancy provides bilingual medical writing, editing, and translation services; conference coverage, meeting facilitation and executive coaching.

  • She graduated from City College, City University of New York, with a Masters degree in biochemistry. After graduation, she taught chemistry in New York City high schools. Later, she applied for a research position at F. Hoffmann-La Roche in Nutley, New Jersey where she was given the job of a lifetime, playing a small part in the development of a drug for AIDS that eventually saved millions of lives ( Here, she met her future husband, Takashi Nishikawa, and moved to Japan. Soon after, Nippon Roche Research Center in Kamakura offered Ms. Nishikawa a job in the director’s office to review and edit research papers and report on global research projects. Here, she also developed and managed the English Training Program for researchers.

  • Ms. Nishikawa worked at Schlumberger K.K. Technology Center during the dot-com boom, where she contributed to the development of an electronic document management system and led the Web Technologies Community of Practice. Later, she moved to the Medical Tribune where she managed medical writing and publication projects for Japanese pharmaceutical companies, copyedited peer-reviewed papers at two English medical journals, and reported on recent trends in research, writing over 50 articles for the newspaper. In these last few years, she has worked at Cactus Communications K.K.  giving over 190 workshops, seminars, webinars and talks at academic meetings on how to write a high-quality research paper, give a talk or present a poster at an international meeting, and avoid research and publication misconduct (

  • She has presented at annual meetings of the Society for Biotechnology Japan, Chinese National Academy of Sciences, Japanese Society of Allergology, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering, Electrical Engineers of Japan, Society of Chemical Engineers, Taiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists, Japanese Society of Applied Physics, Chemical Society of Japan, and the Japan Respiratory Society. 

  • Recently, she covered 4 events at the IASLC 18th World Conference on Lung Cancer 2017 Daily News in Yokohama in October 2017.

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